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Visitors & Parents,
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1. To view the book reports on our site, follow the links on the sidebar to the left.
2. If you are creating a new book report, follow the instructions posted here:

A) Remember not to post your name online. Please use the initials we use in class to show which book reports you've completed. Please remember that capital letters, organization, punctuation and spelling are very important. Do not post to your wiki without re-reading what you've typed to catch any errors you've made. Do NOT add any extra pictures or change the fonts from the template. Just worry about the words you have to type into the template. You may save your review any time and then when you need to continue, click edit.

B) Click on the plus (+) symbol next to the "Pages and Files" link to the left.

C) Select the "Book Review 2012" template from the "Use a template" menu.

D) Your page title NEEDS to be in this format : Book Title - initials. See the example in red:
Here's an example page title for me reading the book, "I Want to Go Home", (I Want to Go Home - NH)

E) The ONLY tags you may create are your book title and the author's name. (no tags is also acceptable)

F) Check your spelling again, then click "create".

G) Work your way through the template replacing all the "Insert here" comments with your own. There are 5 stars given on the template. If your rating is five stars, leave them all. If your rating is two stars, delete three of them.

E) Review your work. Be sure that you followed COPS & that there are no more "Insert here" comments and that you removed the sentence after the stars.

F) Click the "Save" button at the top of the page.

G) When you have completed your report and are satisfied with your typing, send me an email to tell me that you have finished and I will lock your page and add comment boxes.